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Access keys

This website has been designed with user-friendly access keys to provide you with optimal convenience and usability.

The website can be roughly divided, based on function, into three separate sections:
  • The ‘Upper Panel’ at the top
  • The ‘Main Selection’ options to the left
  • The ‘Central Content’ area in the center of the page


The access keys for this website have been set up as follows:
  • Alt + U
    The ‘Upper Panel’ is a row of options: Home,Sitemap,About TKU, language options. 
  • Alt + L
    The ‘Main Selection’ panel to the left contains the following options: About Us, Staff, Classroom Hardware Introduction, Number of Multimedia Classrooms, Contact Us, and Moodle LMS. 
  • Alt + C
    The ‘Central Content’ area on the DEDS homepage features daily news. On pages other than the homepage, the ‘Central Content’ area contains the primary content of each page. 
  • Alt + S
    Provides a Google search of the entire website.

    Firefox and Chrome users should hold down the Shift key before pressing Alt. Therefore, to access the ‘Main Selection’ options to the left, press Shift + Alt + L.

Site Map: